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At HydroLink, we are building the essential technology infrastructure for the entire hydrogen economy, to aid in verifying production emissions, production inefficiencies, supply chain inefficiencies, supply chain tracking, carbon credit trading, and much more. Our infrastructure will be compatible for all hydrogen processes, but our goal is the cost-competitive implementation of Green Hydrogen and the reduction and eventual elimination of emissions.

Our Vision

A thriving net-zero global economy powered by affordable renewable energy with a transparent ecosystem for environmental action - built on trust, powered by innovation and secured by the blockchain

Meet the Team

HydroLink was founded by a group of individuals who wanted to contribute to solving the world's forthcoming energy crisis. By utilising their various experiences across a multiple sectors, the team's vision is to create the technology infrastructure needed to aid the entire hydrogen economy to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

David Barclay
Managing Director

David's passions lie in quantitative economics and environmental advocacy. David has gained valuable experience in finance and technology roles at KPMG, DXC Technology and Transocean Group. His expertise, coupled with unique business acumen and strategic malleability, elevate an already accomplished management team.

Innocent Muisha
Head of Technology

Innocent brings over 6 years of software development, and project management experience. He has worked on enterprise solutions in a number of roles that are in use in sectors including mining, finance, consumer retail, healthcare and education.

Anthony Bafobusha
Business Development

Anthony brings over 5 years of experience working in technology startups. Having been an early investor in the crypto/blockchain space, Anthony has developed an intricate knowledge of the benefits of blockchain in real-world use cases.

Mitchell Castledine
Creative Director

Mitchell has 6 years graphic design and marketing experience, specialising in providing customised content and branding for market-leading businesses, more recently, specialising in cryptocurrency. In this time, Mitch has developed a deep understanding of cryptocurrency fundamentals which has been utilised in the development of our business strategies.

Taj Dutton
Head of Strategy

Taj leads HydroLink business strategy across multiple business functions in order to ensure the consistency of HydroLinks corporate direction and brand.
Taj brings his deep knowledge and experience from FinTech consultancy to HydroLink by applying his knowledge of strategy and implementation to the company.

Nathan Simich
Content Manager

Nathan has worked in the blockchain industry as a content provider, copywriter, marketing consultant and strategist since 2015. He plays a key role in producing our visual content, and community engagement material.

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