Powering The Hydrogen Revolution

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The Network

HydroLink is the first multipurpose digital ecosystem designed to facilitate green hydrogen adoption, sustainable technologies and renewables energy solutions. HydroLink's decentralized application will enable government, industry and individuals to issue, verify, store and trade data in a secure and non-manipulated environment.



Green Hydrogen Certificates & Guarantee

Verification for end users and regulating authorities to identify and validate the origin, logistics, and quality of hydrogen

supply chain

Supply Chain Management & Tracking

Track and monitor the hydrogen logistics system to improve the economic and environmental efficiency of hydrogen distribution

peer to peer

Carbon Credit Marketplace

Purchase, sell, and earn carbon credits. Producers are ranked on an annual basis and distributed carbon credits based on the efficiency of their production processes.

Corporate Partners

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HydroLink Roadmap

>> Smart Contract Development &       Token Deployment

>> Establish Core Team

>> Website Development & Global       Community Channels

>> Publication of WhitePaper

>> CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko      Listings
>> Strategic Collaborations &       Partnerships

>> Centralized Exchanged Listings

>> HydroLink Platform
      Certification of Origin Feature       Release

>> Development of User KPI       Dashboard Commences
>> Top Tier Centralized Exchange       Listings

>> Supply Chain Feature Release

>> Carbon Credit Marketplace       Feature Release

>> HydroLink Learn Release

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Work With Us

We are looking for individuals and corporations who are passionate about blockchain technology and the future of green energy. If you are interested in joining the HydroLink team, or working with us to build a more sustainable future please get in contact with us today.
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